Harold Stock & Co Solicitors are aiming to bring a kaleidoscope of colour to Manchester this spring

Fancy a gentle 5km run-out on a Sunday? No Problem. Fancy doing the run whilst spectators shower you with coloured paint? Well, probably not in the circumstances. Yet that’s exactly what staff from Harold Stock & Co Solicitors are about to do voluntarily. Why, you may ask? Well, the answer’s simple: it’s all in aid of charity.

Harold Stock & Co staff members; Angela, Doggett, Alex Newman, Kirsty Dunn, Sarah Lowe, Sharon Newton, Jenna Hadfield and Elizabeth Oldham, are about to run the gauntlet on Sunday 20th March to raise money for the St Ann’s Hospice Colour Run. St Ann’s Hospice is an exceptional charity which provides vital care and support for those with life-threatening illnesses.

The event which takes place at Wythenshawe Park is open to anyone who feels they are capable of running, jogging or walking 5km and aren’t too fussy about getting showered with coloured paint. For any Health & Safety sticklers out there- don’t worry, no harm will come to anyone, other than the competitor’s clothing, as the paint is non-toxic and made from safe, environmentally-friendly corn starch. It should all come out in the wash – hopefully.

So why are Harold Stock & Co Solicitors so keen to take part? Well, the answer is simple. It’s a noble and worthwhile cause, and it’s also a great incentive to get and stay fit and active. Practice Manager, Alex Newman, explains:

“As part of our New Year’s resolutions to get fit, a small group from our Mossley offices decided to start running at lunch times. When the opportunity to sponsor the St Ann’s Hospice Colour Run arose, we jumped at the chance. It not only gave us an opportunity to support and raise funds for a fantastic cause, it was also a goal to aim for with our training.”

If you would like further information about the St Ann’s Hospice Colour Run or would like to register, please visit the website (http://www.sah.org.uk/) or visit the Colour Run page (http://www.sah.org.uk/events/colour-run-2016).

Donations can be made via the St Ann’s Hospice website (https://community.sah.org.uk/donate)

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