Make 2016 the year you put your house in order

If you could do just one thing this Christmas to change your life for the better, what would it be? Well, giving up alcohol, cigarettes or starting a healthy eating regime is as good a start as any, but there is something you can do which will not only put your affairs in order and set your mind at ease, but will secure the long term future of your nearest and dearest. What one action could achieve all of that and more besides? Well, it’s simply this – making a Will.

We all know deep down that making a Will is not only the sensible option; it’s actually a bit of a no- brainer – after all if you fail to make a Will it will be up to the courts to decides who get what after you’ve gone. Nobody would consciously choose that option, nor put their family’s future interests at risk. Yet, bizarrely the majority of UK adults still haven’t made a Will. According to figures from Will Aid Research, 2014, for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland 52 per cent of adults still haven’t made a Will.

Although things are improving across all age ranges, the worrying fact is that making a Will is still only viewed as a priority in the 55+ age group. 2014 survey shows encouraging signs that people of all age groups are finally getting the message; the sad fact remains that it is only in the over 55 age groups were a significant majority make a Will. Whilst the 2014 figures for the 25-34, 35-44 and the 45-54 age groups show an increasing take up in Will writing year-on-year, the figures remain disappointing and worrying as only 26.3, 31 and 42 per cent respectively go on to make a formal Will.

It’s all too easy to put off making a Will: Harold Stock & Co’s solicitors understand that. After all, who likes to contemplate their mortality? But as difficult as it might be; it’s a problem we will all have to confront at some stage in our lives. Given a choice wouldn’t you prefer to assign your assets personally, rather than have the law to do it for you? The chances, we suspect, are that you’d probably prefer the personal touch.

If you do decide that the time is now right to make a Will, why should you choose to have it drafted by a solicitor? Well, although Wills may appear to be straightforward and simple at first sight, they have a habit of developing a life and will of their own. At worst Wills can be fiendishly complicated, so it makes sense to have an expert help you through the process and avoid the pitfalls. If you really want your express wishes carried out to the letter, then our advice to you is to use a qualified and regulated solicitor.

The legal Services Board recommends using a solicitor for drawing up Wills. The LSB believes there are far too many fraudulent firms exploiting loopholes in the sector and offering badly drafted Wills and a substandard service. After carrying out extensive research into the subject, the LSB found that there were systemic problems with the current levels of service delivered by many different types of provider. During investigations it found that the service delivered by firms in the sector was systematically poor, sloppy and dogged by simple procedural errors. Customers were subjected to unfair and pushy sales practices, while some had simply stolen property.

So if you’ve decided that 2016 is the year in which you are going to put your affairs in order, why should you choose Harold Stock & Co? Well, that’s a simple enough question to answer. Harold Stock & Co Solicitors are a respected legal firm with a proven record of delivering a complete and professional Wills, estate administration and Probate service. All of our solicitors are fully qualified and work under strict guidelines, regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

The greatest advantage of using one of Harold Stock & Co Solicitors to draw up your Will is the peace of mind it will bring you and your family. It’s a great comfort to know that our solicitors will construct your Will in precisely the way you want and ensure that all of your wishes are carried out following your death. Our solicitors will ensure that no technical mistakes are made, and that there will also be no inadvertent potential disputes stored up for the future.

Making a Will is one of the most important things you will ever do, so it’s better for all concerned if you consult an expert. A properly constructed Will guarantees that your loved ones are looked after and cared for in the way you would want and expect. Wouldn’t your family’s future be safer in the hands of a qualified, experienced and regulated solicitor who fully understands the complexities of inheritance law?

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