Personal Injury claim? Speak to solicitors who will always have your best interests at heart.

If you’ve recently been injured an accident at work, on the street or on the road, you may be wondering what options are open to you? Can you pursue a claim for personal accident compensation for any injuries or losses you may have sustained, or do you simply have to write the experience off, dust yourself down and be thankful that you survived to tell the tale? If you chose to bring a claim, who should you chose to represent you? Are you obliged to use a solicitor, or can you pursue your claim through a claims management company? Whichever option you chose, how canyou guarantee that your chosen representative will always follow a course that ultimately leads to you receiving the maximum compensation you’re entitled too?

Well, there may be many questions that need answering, but in the opinion of the solicitors at Harold Stock & Co, the answers are simple. You are always best advised to seek the services of a qualified and committed APIL-registered solicitor. Claims Management companies may appear to offer a cheapest option, but we believe the levels of service you will receive will generally be inferior. Solicitors can not only offer expertise and the very best professional advice: they are also able to offer a personalised service that puts your best interests at heart. They will support you on your journey through the legal process and help you to achieve the full compensation you are rightfully entitled to.

How can Harold Stock’s solicitors help you to pursue a claim for personal injury compensation?

In order to establish the details of a personal injury case, Harold Stock & Co’s solicitors will need to know the following:

  • the date of the accident, and where and how it happened
  • the contact details for any witnesses
  • the details of any injuries, along with any medical diagnosis and suggested treatment options
  • whether you are a member of a trade union, as this may entitle you to free or reduced-cost legal representation
  • the details of any existing valid legal expenses insurance policies

Our solicitors may also need to see:

  • proof of any loss of earnings and other financial expenses which are the result of the injury
  • any documents relating to any insurance policies the claimant holds, such as household or motor insurance, to check whether these will cover the legal costs of the claim, as mentioned earlier
  • any other documents that can be used to support the claim, including documents from before the accident or any evidence of previous accidents in similar circumstances.

What will Harold Stock & Co’s solicitors do with this information?

Once our solicitors have assessed the circumstances of the case in detail, they will be in a position to judge how likely the case is to succeed and also how much you may be able to be claim in personal injury compensation. They’ll also be able to demystify the legal process, and explain in simple terms what will happen should your claim be taken further. Our solicitors will then discuss how the claim will be funded the case. Before they proceed with any action, they will confirm all of the details in a written letter to you and set out the following information:

  • that the solicitor is happy to take the case on
  • the name and status of the solicitor, or other person in the firm, who will be the main day- to-day contact
  • how long the process is likely to take and set out the arrangements for progress reports
  • how the case will be funded, and an estimate of the costs and any agreed spending limits
  • when you might have to pay the solicitor’s costs and when you might have to pay the defendant’s costs
  • the details of any additional information you will need to provide
  • what you should do if, for any reason, you are unhappy with the way the case is progressing.

If you are looking for empathy, understanding and success in your personal injury compensation claim, then speak to Harold Stock & Co Solicitors. We pride ourselves on our levels of customer service. For expert advice on your personal injury compensation claim call Harold Stock & Co solicitors on 01457 835597 or email

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