Motorcyclist In Settlement After Collision Leads To Amputation.

 Despite high profile campaigns to “think once, think twice, think bike“, the number of cases we see where a car driver had just not seen a motorcyclist continue.

Our client was travelling along a main road into Liverpool and was passing a junction that he was particularly wary of as cars have failed to stop before, when unfortunately a car pulled out, straight into his path. Our client accelerated out of danger and this probably saved his life but the collision resulted in him suffering devastating injuries to his leg. For a 2 year period, our client worked with doctors to try and save his leg, putting up with external frames, countless operations and in-patient stays before having an above knee amputation.

His physical strength and determination meant that he got into a prosthetic leg very quickly but unfortunately, as is often the case, skin breakdown and other issues have meant that it is hasn’t always been plain sailing. Bespoke prosthetics have however been on the wish list from the beginning. Referrals have been made and payments on account obtained to allow for trial limbs and sockets to be worked on. Medical experts advise that high-tec prosthetics and single storey accommodation would be needed to save the client’s vulnerable back from getting worse and to allow him to cope with day to day life in particular with looking after his 3 young sons and hopefully getting back into some form of paid employment having lost the work he loved because of its physical nature.

At the time of the settlement, surgery is to be scheduled to give our client the best chance of managing his prosthetics.

Trials of Biom leg will then commence before final prosthetics are purchased. A bungalow needs to be bought in an area close to our client’s children’s school and his settlement should ensure that if he can’t get back to work, he will get the help and support he requires.

Advice was given in respect of a special needs trust to ensure that our client isn’t barred from claiming state benefits if he needs to and we have arranged for financial advisers to help him maximise the returns from his compensation. Whilst his life has changed beyond recognition hopefully, the financial settlement, the prosthetics prescription and the fact that he can spend more time with his children and that he can access support whenever he needs to will allow our client to live life to the full.


“Thank you for all your help and for enabling me to enjoy a holiday with my family before I look forward to 2015”

Debra Woolfson, a Director based in our Stockport office, is dealing with this case “Whilst money can never bring back what has been lost by the negligence of the driver who failed to see our client and his motorbike, the significant settlement should give our client the ability to purchase any new technology that he feels will help him at work and at home and to buy a property that should become a home for him and his family that he can navigate even when he can’t wear his artificial limb. Working with amputee organisations such as United Amputees we keep up to date with developments so that we can assist clients such as this one to maximise their independence and therefore their quality of life going forwards.”


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