Serious Injury: Slip On Oil Near Car Engine Leaves Mechanic With Amputated Fingers.

As specialist serious injury solicitors, we are experienced in sourcing support aids and equipment that can be ignored by others. In this case, our client came to us half way through his claim against his employers.

Our client was a mechanic and had slipped on oil whilst about to inspect a car engine. As he slipped, he fell forwards and unfortunately, his hand got caught in the timing belt of the car meaning that he suffered severe injuries to the fingers on his left hand which included losing part of the middle finger and ring finger on that hand.

Whilst his employer’s insurers argued that our client should have seen the oil and that he was in part, the author of his own misfortune, we were able to counter those arguments.  Our client had concerns regarding the cosmetic appearance of his fingers, the fact that he couldn’t do his job as well as he could before and that he couldn’t continue with his hobbies such as playing golf and playing the guitar. We were able to arrange for experts to provide him with prosthetic fingers that could replace some of the function that he had lost reducing some of the frustration that he continued to feel.

The compensation of over £100,000 included not only an amount to reflect our client’s pain and suffering but also his loss of earnings and the costs of treatment that he would need together with the prosthetics that would need to be bespoke and replaced on a regular basis.


From the accountant who referred the claim to Debra Woolfson.

“I can only thank you for the wonderful job that you have done for my client in obtaining a settlement for him that recognises that he was not responsible for the circumstances of the accident and gives him practical support, both financial and as far as the referral to the prosthetics expert is concerned, that should help him both at work and at home.”

Debra Woolfson, a Director based at our Stockport office comments “We work closely with amputee organisations to keep up to date on the latest prosthetics available. It is often said that the loss of fingers is not something that replacement digits can assist with but trials with companies such as Touch Bionics can still give clients such as this one the opportunity to regain function and in that way, regain control in everything that they do.”


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