Employment Law Services: Making Complex Matters Simple.

What’s the one area of law that has the potential to cause the biggest headaches?

Well, in Harold Stock’s experience it has to be employment law.

Most people would agree that employment Law can be incomprehensible and extremely complex. It’s in a constant state of flux and the rules and regulations can appear, to anyone who is not closely involved in the area, to be constantly changing. It’s hardly surprising that the majority of employers find this area of law particularly troublesome. Legislative changes and case law have the potential to completely transform the framework in which employers operate, whilst minor omissions or breaches of the rules can result in major consequences. The complexity of this legal discipline means that employers will definitely need the help and expertise of employment law specialists like Harold Stock & Co.

Harold Stock solicitors understand the problems that employers and employees face, and are able to provide specialist employment law advice for both parties. Our team of qualified solicitors take a proactive, hands-on approach in providing commercial and practical solutions to all employment issues. Ideally our aim is to encourage our clients to consult us before problems or claims arise, as obtaining prompt legal advice will often safeguard against the risk of expensive claims being brought against businesses. We also endeavour to ensure that your business has clear, concise and updated policies and procedures, to assist in both reducing the risk of facing employment claims, and promoting good employment relations.

Employees are an invaluable asset for any enterprise and are crucial to the future direction and success of the business. However, it’s inevitable that from time to time certain disputes will arise between the employer and employee, often over relatively minor, innocuous issues that could’ve been prevented.

Harold Stock’s solicitors can help your business by ensuring these issues don’t arise.

Our solicitors will draw up clear and comprehensive contracts of employment that outline the standards you expect from each of your employees. We can also help your business to construct policies and procedures to help meet the needs of your business, which set out in clear unambiguous terms the roles and duties of both current and future employees.

Employment Law Services:

Our team of solicitors will provide a comprehensive service for your business covering all aspects of employment law including:

  • Disciplinary and Grievance Issues.
  • Discrimination.
  • Employment Contracts and Handbooks.
  • Directors’ Service Agreements
  • Compromise Agreements.
  • Restructuring / Redundancy.
  • TUPE.
  • Tribunal Representation.

If you would like further advice or assistance, or would like to have an informal chat about any employment contract or dispute issue, then please contact one of Harold Stock’s solicitors on 01457 835597, or email info@haroldstock.com.

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