Tribunal Law Changes May Have Simplified A Compex Area Of Law, But There Is A Need For Expert Advice For All Parties To Any Employment Dispute.

Few problems are as complex or intractable as employment disputes.

The adversarial nature of the process means that there are arguably no real winners. Anyone taking a case to an Employment Tribunal will feel hard done by should they lose their appeal; whilst the other side will no doubt feel equally aggrieved as they firmly believe the case should never have been referred there in the first place.

Government changes to Tribunal procedures were introduced in April, 2014, and were meant to address these issues and reduce stress, time delays and excessive costs. The changes have meant that from April, any staff wanting to bring a case of unfair dismissal or discrimination have had to first notify the conciliation service Acas to see if the dispute can be resolved prior to referral. Employers, too, saw changes as they now risk facing fines of up to £5,000 on top of any back pay that is due to the employee should they lose a case at tribunal.

The changes were not universally welcomed when they were introduced. The TUC, with government backing, argued that the Early Conciliation scheme would help to improve employer/employee relations, and also give employers an incentive to respect the rights of their staff rather than risk increased financial penalties. The CBI, on the other hand, claimed more work was needed to satisfactorily change the culture of the system of solving disputes.

Has this new regulation help to improve employer/employee relations? Is the system running more smoothly and efficiently? Well, Harold Stock & Co Solicitors believes that they have certainly helped, but we still feel there will a need for expert advice for all parties to any employment dispute. Every case is different, and every case will need a different solution. That’s where we come in: that’s where we can help. Harold Stock & Co employment solicitors will work to solve these disputes as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our team of solicitors provide a comprehensive service covering all aspects of employment law including:

  • Disciplinary and Grievance Issues.
  • Discrimination.
  • Employment Contracts and Handbooks.
  • Directors’ Service Agreements.
  • Compromise Agreements.
  • Restructuring / Redundancy.
  • TUPE.
  • Tribunal Representation.

If you would like further advice or assistance, or would like to have an informal chat about any employment contract or dispute issue, then please contact one of Harold Stock & Co Solicitors on 01457 835597 or email

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