Accidents at Work

Have you had an accident at work in the last 3 years? Do you feel your employer was in some way responsible for the accident? Did you feel reluctant to take action for fear of retribution?

These are the sorts of issues that many employees face.

Many have been injured because of an accident at work that may have been caused by their employer’s negligence, but fail to pursue the matter because they fear for their jobs if they do. As understandable as these concerns may be Harold Stock & Co would advise any employee who has been injured at work to act, as they are perfectly entitled to pursue a claim for personal injury compensation. Once you’ve made the decision to bring a claim, our role is then to pursue the claim on your behalf and ensure that you get the maximum compensation you’re entitled to.

You might still feel uncomfortable bringing an action against someone who pays your wages, but you might find some degree of comfort in these thoughts:

  • employers are insured against any losses incurred as a result of your claim, so you won’t be taking any money directly from them.
  • strictly enforced laws mean that employers unwilling to compensate for workplace injuries or to adapt their practices will face far stiffer penalties.

Bringing a claim for a work injury compensation

Any claim for personal injury caused by an accident at work will usually hinge on whether you are able to prove negligence on the part of your employer, but how do you go about proving your employer failed to fulfil his/her legal responsibilities? Well, employers are legally obliged to provide the following working conditions for all of their employees:

  • safe premises in which to work
  • safe working procedures
  • suitable materials and equipment, with adequate supervision
  • competent staff

If your employer has failed to meet any of these legal requirements, then it is likely you will have a legitimate case to take before the courts.

To make a claim for an accident at work, you will need to provide evidence which proves that your injuries have been caused by negligent working practices in the workplace. This evidence will generally take the form of witness statements, employer logs, a record of similar accidents at the workplace, an accident book, ambulance attendance at the scene of the accident or doctor’s notes.

There are also many others forms the evidence could take, but that often depends upon the nature of the workplace. It will then be up to you and the personal injury specialist working on your behalf to prove that the injuries were the result of negligence on the part of your employer. It’s worth pointing out that when making such a claim, you will probably be called upon to give evidence against your employer. Some employees will obviously feel uncomfortable about this, but with our help, they needn’t be worried. We will be on hand to guide you every step of the way.

We appreciate that many people feel uncomfortable at the prospect of taking action against an employer, so we would always advise that they discuss the details of the case and any possible ramifications with us before embarking upon any action.

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