Golden Opportunity.

Director Darren McGuinness and solicitor Rebecca O’Donnell recently attended the Stockport Golden Years Roadshow at Stockport Town Hall, representing Harold Stock & Co Solicitors and our recently acquired Stockport firm Jones Gough Solicitors.

The show gave an opportunity for organisations that include the 50+ age group audience among their client base to provide advice and guidance on a wide range of issues.

Harold Stock & Co has always worked hard to deliver an unbeatable service to this increasingly important demographic.

At the show Darren McGuinness gave a talk on the important issues of Wills and Lasting Power of Attorney and the current special offer of preparing a Will or amend your existing Will free of charge when you have a Power of Attorney drawn. The offer is open until the end of August 2013, so why not get in touch today. There may never be a better opportunity.

Contact Rebecca O’Donnell at

1 Anthony Street, Mossley, Tameside OL5 0HU.

Telephone Number: 01457 836174 / 01457 836152.

Fax: 01457 835180.

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