Did You Know This?

Did you know that all conveyancing solicitors’ in England and Wales must hold a “practising certificate?”

What is this?

It is a certificate that gives you a guarantee that the conveyancing solicitor is qualified to practice and there is insurance to protect you if anything goes wrong.

Harold Stock & Co hold a practising certificate and you can find this on the Law society’s website.

“The Law Society” is a professional body of regulators and represents solicitors throughout England and Wales.

This assurance can give you the security of knowing that the conveyancing service we are offering is both legitimate and handled by qualified conveyancers. This is necessary as technically some conveyancers will offer you a cheaper business deal and have staff liaising with you, who don’t actually have any legal training. Some unscrupulous estate agents really don’t care about the quality of the conveyancing you receive, and will not think twice about spinning you a line to referring you to someone they recommend who is not familiar with the area and has no legal qualifications. They may give you a lower conveyancing rate (initially but, more often than not, will have hidden charges) and not provide you with high quality legal work.

Harold Stock & Co put our clients first and follow the recommended conveyancing protocol issued by The Law Society known as the Conveyancing Quality Scheme. (CQS)

Word of mouth, through friends and family, is the best form of recommendation and we are proud to say that we have an established clientèle, the majority of whom have come to us through word of mouth. Our conveyancing solicitors can promise you confidence and high quality legal service.

To contact us about any conveyancing queries, please call on 01457 835597.

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