New Year, New You?

A hectic Christmas schedule followed by the ‘January Blues’ can put a lot of strain on relationships.

Day Friday, or the first Friday back after the Christmas break, is typically law firm’s busiest day of the year when it comes to handling divorce cases. Many couples and families face a tough time over Christmas as it’s often when people spend concentrated time together. This can bring any underlying issues to the forefront.

Responsibilities for all the preparation and delivery, together with drinking too much and the pressure to spend money you don’t have, can all place a huge amount of strain on a relationship. Credit cards get ‘maxed’ and there’s the never-ending round of relatives and friends that need entertaining. And with the New Year being a time of reflection and self-evaluation, this can bring rise to fundamental issues that have a deep impact on a relationship. It’s really no wonder some relationships crumble over the festive period.

Deciding to end a relationship is never easy, particularly if you are married and especially if you have children.

Our expert family lawyers have helped hundreds of clients and we’ve come up with ideas that don’t cost the world.

If you think there could be a chance (however small) that your relationship can be saved, see if your spouse will agree to see a counsellor with you. If you’re both willing to put the work in, the relationship can be rebuilt.

If you’ve decided to move on, it’s definitely worth speaking to a specialist family law solicitor as soon as possible. They will explain the divorce process to you in detail, which should help to ease your mind and prepare you.

Don’t go through a divorce alone; family and friends’ support is hugely beneficial to your state of mind and will ease the pain, knowing you have people around you who want the best outcome for you.

If any of the issues we’ve touched on are of concern and you’d like further information, please contact us in complete confidence – we are here to help.

Joanne Graham is an expert family law solicitor with Harold Stock & Co Solicitors.

If you’d like to speak to Joanne about any of the issues touched upon in this article, please do not hesitate to get in touch in complete confidence.

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