Triple Your Compensation By Using Your Local Firm.

During summer the Law Society launched its advertising campaign ‘don’t get mugged by an insurer – use a solicitor’ and we blogged about it on our previous site at the time.  

At Harold Stock & Co Solicitors we’re supporting the Law Society’s campaign, with the objective of advising clients not to accept the first offer of compensation from insurers and to contact their local law firm.

We want to make sure consumers have all the available knowledge and access to legal services needed when making a personal injury claim and to not be naïve in thinking insurance companies always have the best solution.

Research from the Financial Services Authority reveals personal injury claimants who turn down an insurer’s initial offer and take legal advice from a solicitor get on average three times more compensation.

Desmond Hudson, Chief Executive of The Law Society, said:

“This campaign doesn’t pull any punches, but we need to make a clear message, see your solicitor, don’t accept the insurers’ first offer and don’t deal with claims management companies. Pursuing your claim with a solicitor will mean you will get what you are genuinely entitled to.”

Personal Injury law is often perceived as a negative area of law, but at Harold Stock & Co Solicitors we want to make sure that people who have suffered genuine misfortune can gain peace of mind and are given the necessary tools to move on with their lives.

Should any of the issues raised above cause concern, contact us in confidence at or 01457 835597.

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