Motorcycle Accident Compensation Claims: Helping You To Get Back On The Bike.

The sun is shining – well, more or less, and the weather’s a little warmer: for a certain group of people in this country that can only mean one thing.

It’s time to polish up the motorcycle and set off on a voyage of discovery. If you’ve ever ridden a motorbike, you’ll know that as experiences go, few things can match it: the sense of freedom and exhilaration is hard to beat. But, as any seasoned motorcyclist will tell you, the experience is also fraught with dangers. Accidents can, and do happen, more often than we would want, and invariably these accidents are often the fault of other careless road users.

Anyone taking to the road on two wheels is particularly vulnerable. Not only do motorcyclists have to deal with other careless, often reckless, road users: they also have to deal with other hazards, like defects in the road and potholes. Because of this motorcyclists suffer a disproportionate number of road injuries. The reason for this is simple: motorcyclists are vulnerable because they do not have the luxury of the protection a car affords.The road accident statistics are a testament to this. In the past 40 years over 100,000 motorcyclists have been killed on Britain’s roads. Motorcyclists account for less than 1% of the total traffic on our roads, yet they make up 19% of all road traffic deaths and serious injuries.The most sobering statistic of all is that the chances of being killed or seriously injured on a motorcycle are 42 times higher than if you were a passenger in a car.

So what’s the position if you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident?

The answer is that you may be entitled to make a personal injury claim for both your injuries and loss of earnings. That might sound like scant comfort if you’ve been injured and had to spend time in the hospital, but at least it can go some way to helping you get back on your feet again. If you have unfortunately been involved in a motorcycle accident, then you’re going to need expert help from reputable and experienced personal injury compensation lawyers like Harold Stock & Co. Our specialists have extensive experience in motorcycle accident claims, and have successfully helped many clients secure significant amounts of compensation following road traffic accidents.

From minor cuts and bruising to accidents of a catastrophic nature, our personal injury solicitors will ensure you receive the maximum amount of motorcycle accident compensation. We are able to offer you a one-stop shop to assist you in making a motorcycle accident compensation claim for your injuries and loss of earnings, as well as getting you back up and running.

What compensation can be claimed for?

The two main areas of personal injury compensation are general damages and special damages.
General damages principally consist of compensation awarded for the injury itself, including the pain and suffering caused by the motorcycle accident, and special damages relating to both past losses and potential future losses.

Past losses may include loss of earnings, any mileage costs, the cost of medical treatment, personal possessions damaged in the accident, such as leathers and crash helmet, and the excess on a motorcycle insurance policy. Future losses consider the anticipated losses and expenses that you will incur in the future as a consequence of your motorcycle accident, including any loss of future earnings and the cost of any on-going medical care that may be needed if you have suffered more serious personal injuries.

If you are looking for empathy, understanding and success in your claim, then Harold Stock & Co Solicitors should be your first port of call. We understand the motorcyclists’ need to become mobile as soon as possible after an accident. We therefore have put the facilities in place to arrange for a replacement vehicle whilst we arrange for your vehicle to be repaired or inspected.

For more information, or to speak to us about making a motorcycle accident compensation claim please call 01457 835597 or email

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