Who’s Watching You?

Are you a regular user of social media? Covert video surveillance has been used by insurance companies for a long time in claims for compensation arising out of an accident or other injury. With advances in technology, our team of experienced specialists have seen insurance companies increasingly turn to social media and the internet as a method of surveillance using Facebook status updates, You Tube videos, Instagram and Snapchat posts and photographs together with tweets as a way to defeat or reduce a claim for compensation. It pays to remember that the internet is not private.

If you are involved in a claim for compensation arising out of an accident or poor medical treatment, the Defendant insurance company will search the internet for personal information about you. Facebook will generally be their first port of call. Our advice is therefore clear – don’t post details of your accident, injuries or rehabilitation on social media. This includes the uploading of videos and photographs.

Whether you are in the process of making a claim for compensation or not, we would always advise that you regularly review your security settings all of the social networking platforms you use.

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