Commercial Law Disputes: Swift And Decisive Action Can Solve Disputes Amicably And Keep Costs Down.

If your business has ever been involved in a legal dispute over commercial property, asset sales or purchases or mergers and acquisitions, you’ll know that these can be horribly complicated and can drag on and on.

If action is delayed or mishandled, costs will undoubtedly escalate: if action is taken swiftly and decisively, however, costs can be kept to a minimum. That’s why it’s important to get the right sort of help and advice: that’s why commercial organisations need the expertise of solicitors like Harold Stock & Co.

Harold Stock & Co Solicitors were the first solicitors in the region outside the city centre to offer commercial law services.

Moreover we’ve led the commercial law services market in the region for the last 30 years, providing legal advice on commercial property sales and purchases, business sales and purchases, mergers and acquisitions, partnership and insolvency matters, commercial contracts and commercial litigation to SMEs, blue chip companies and international companies dealing in the UK.

What services do we offer?

Harold Stock’s commercial property lawyers are able to offer a professional and cost-effective service on a wide range of commercial property matters: 

  • Commercial property – sales, purchases, eases, Landlord and Tenant disputes, pension scheme transfers, re-mortgaging.
  • Business sales and purchases.
  • Asset sales and purchases.
  • Share sales and purchases.
  • Merger and acquisition work.
  • Partnership matters – agreements, disputes and dissolution.
  • Insolvency matters – both personal and corporate.
  • Commercial agreements – terms and conditions of business, shareholder agreements, and any other commercial contracts.
  • Commercial litigation – mediation, debt recovery and Court proceedings.

Our approach

Harold Stock & Co Solicitors’ aim is to satisfy each of our client’s objectives as quickly as is practical, because we know that faster transactions will result in greater cost-savings for our clients, and in an era when margins are squeezed that is of paramount importance: 

  • Whilst enforcement action will be considered and discussed at the outset, we prefer to take a holistic approach to litigation. Our commercial team has the necessary experience and skill to negotiate tactically to achieve the best results for our clients. We ensure that our clients fully understand the commercial and legal reality of any dispute and the likely costs, timescale and outcome.
  • Any dispute is by nature adversarial, but it needn’t necessarily end in court proceedings. Disputes between individuals or commercial entities are capable of being resolved through negotiation and mediation. By adopting a more conciliatory approach and solving disputes through negotiation, commercial relationships are more likely to survive and court costs can be avoided.
  • If negotiations do break down and the matter remains unresolved we can take you through the court process from issuing and drafting your claim, dealing with the complex nature of evidence and dealing with final preparation for a trial at court. We can also advise upon tactical measures which can be taken once the claim has been issued and also upon your enforcement options.

To find out more information about how Harold Stock’s commercial solicitors commercial can help your business, call us now on 01457 835597 or email

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