Domestic conveyancing: going the extra mile for your satisfaction

At the start of a new year they say a young man’s fancy often turn to thoughts of love, but for more practical people their thoughts are often dominated by far more practical considerations; considerations like buying a house or putting their house on the market. If you are considering this, then there’s a question you need to answer honestly, and that’s who is best placed to ensure that any potential sale or purchase runs as smoothly as possible? Who will always put your interests first and work hard to ensure that your dream move becomes a reality? Well, the answer is a qualified and experienced conveyancing solicitor.

But why chose a local solicitor? Why not chose an online domestic conveyancing firm – after all, they often offer heavily discounted prices? Well, the answer is simple. Local solicitors know the area and understand the market, and will have already successfully completed many other domestic conveyances for satisfied customers in the area. They may charge marginally more for their services, but for that price you get professionalism and a great level of personalised service – service that you will never receive online.

Harold Stock & Co’s advice is, if you truly want peace of mind; always use the services of a specialist domestic conveyancing solicitor. These solicitors have been dealing with domestic conveyances for years, and will always put your interests first. Why’s this so important? Well, the sale or purchase of a property is one of the most important purchases you are ever likely to make. Therefore it’s vital that this sale or purchase is overseen and completed by someone you know and trust: someone you can speak to face to face.

Why use a solicitor for domestic conveyances?

  • Whenever you use a local specialist firm of solicitors, you’ll know they will have had years of experience in dealing with legal matters in your area: they’ll know the market and they’ll know the local estate agents. This specialised local knowledge is something an internet conveyancer, however experienced, will not have access to.
  • Property transactions can be fraught with difficulties. There will inevitably be complications and unforeseen problems and you, as a buyer or seller, will want to be kept informed of these at every stage of the process. A solicitor will be able to explain the situation plainly and face-to-face. They’ll keep their promises, regularly keep in touch, return phone calls and provide a fast and efficient service. In short, they’ll go that extra mile to ensure your complete satisfaction, as their client testimonials prove.
  • When you deal with a specialist local solicitor, you’ll know that the price quoted will be correct and will take into account the costs of local searches, Land Registry fees and other disbursements. Many online firms will initially charge a very competitive price, but add on all sorts of extras once the conveyance is completed.
  • If you are obtaining a mortgage to assist you with the purchase of a property, then most firms of local solicitors will charge you extra for dealing with the mortgage on account of the additional work that needs to be undertaken. However, some online firms may also add an additional charge on top of this: some firms of licensed conveyancers have been known to charge as much as an extra £175 plus VAT.
  • Most local solicitors will complete the Stamp Duty Land Transaction Return Form free of charge as part of the overall quote. However, some online firms and licensed conveyancers may charge extra. The same applies to the buildings insurance administration fee: most local solicitors will have included this as part of the quotation, many licensed conveyancers won’t.
  • The majority of local solicitors will not charge extra for their services, regardless of the length of the period between exchange of contracts and completion. However, some licensed conveyancers will, if you wish to complete a transaction less than 10 days after exchange of Contracts.
  • When you take out an Endowment Mortgage, most firms of local solicitors will deal with any legal work in relation to the Endowment as part of the quote. However, some licensed conveyancers will charge extra for effecting the assignment or re-assignment of each life policy.

If you are considering moving house in 2016, then speak to Harold Stock & Co Solicitors, your local domestic conveyancing experts. Harold Stock & Co Solicitors is a member of the Conveyancing Quality Scheme, and offers a friendly, proactive and competitive domestic conveyancing service. If you would like any further help or information regarding our domestic conveyancing services, please call Harold Stock & Co on 01457 835597 or email.

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