Fiona Jackson

Profession: Conveyancing Assistant

Area of Expertise: Conveyancing

I have been working in the legal profession for 20 years now, covering various roles, all in Residential Conveyancing.

I joined Harold Stock & Co in 2015, after our practice manager Alex Newman hunted me down,  whilst I was temping in Manchester.

I had worked for Alex previously at a different firm, so we had kept in touch over the years.

In my spare time I try to keep fit, and cook healthy meals (it helps on the scales at Slimming World every week!)

I go to a Zumba Class in the week, which I love because it basically just dancing.   I have also just started playing Tennis at our local club, West Heaton Bowling Tennis and Squash Club in Heaton Moor.  I have started a beginners course called Rusty Rackets, where apparently I have a great “top spin forehand!” (I don’t really know what that means yet, but it sounds good doesn’t it).  I’m also a member of the club’s Social Committee and attend their meetings regularly, where I am Secretary so take the  Minutes and help arrange the social events at the Club.  My husband is also on the Executive Committee so we are both actively involved in the events and tournaments throughout the year.

I love spending time with friends and family, my best friend of 23 years loves Horses, so I love to get outdoors and watch her ride, and buddy her to the odd Horse Show where I end up being her groom,  and babysitter to her daughter which I much prefer,   I did try and ride once, never again!  I prefer to have my feet firmly on the floor.