Company & Commercial: Warm Front Limited Testimonial.

“Harold Stock & Co Solicitors have provided their legal expertise to our company for several years now. We have sought advice on various matters including customer contracts as well as individual employee cases. During the last 18 months, the insulation industry has undergone significant changes and adjustments, requiring an in depth understanding of contracts that are in place. Harold Stock & Co Solicitors have guided us through these difficult times successfully, whilst remaining sensitive to a need for ongoing and future business relations for the parties involved” – Warm Front Limited

“I have used Harold Stock & Co Solicitors for various private matters. Each time I have found their service reliable and efficient. My questions have been answered promptly and in detail, transforming a stressful experience into a more clear process that ran smoothly. Each time I deal with them I am reminded why I returned to them in the first place.” Gilian Farrimond – Warm Front Limited

“I have James O’Donnell on speed dial and he always picks up!” Andrew Walton – Warm Front Limited.

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