Local Is Best For Your Domestic Conveyancing.

Are you thinking of buying or selling a property?

Maybe you’re one of the fortunate people who’ve recently found a property or accepted an offer on your house.

Finding your home is likely to have taken a lot of time and effort, which can be very stressful, to find a property which you think will become the right “home” for you, either as a first time buyer or an up size or downsized move.

The procedure of buying a house can seem daunting, confusing and even frightening for the first time buyer. For those of you already established on the property ladder you will be aware of the precise co-ordination that needs to take place with the timing of sales and purchases in their own transaction and those associated with them, this is what can cause delays and stress!

So the question is who is best placed to sell your property quickly and efficiently?

Should you trust of one of the numerous online legal firms who offer domestic conveyancing services at the cheapest possible prices, or should you go with your instinct and shop locally?

Harold Stock & Co would strongly recommend that you choose the latter option and go with your gut feeling, it is always more reassuring to deal with a real person who can see face to face. Yes, we are going to say that as we are specialists in this area and have been dealing with domestic conveyancing for years, but there’s more to it than that. We believe in customer care.

The various ‘supermarket-style’ internet conveyancing services may sometimes be cheaper, but where they can’t possibly deliver pure personalised service. Taking the plunge and investing your hard earned money in a property is the most significant purchases you will probably ever make; therefore, you’ll want reassurance and guidance and to put the administration of the purchase in the hands of someone you trust. Would you comfortably trust someone you don’t know or can’t go and see, with this vitally important purchase, or would you rather deal with a local firm of solicitors with specialised local knowledge? We think we know the answer and here’s why.

What is conveyancing?

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conveyancing states:

  • In law, conveyancing is the transfer of legal title of property from one person to another, or the granting of an encumbrance such as a mortgage or a lien.
  • The term conveyancing may also be used in the context of the movement of bulk commodities or other products such as water, sewerage, electricity, or gas.

Harold stock & Co aim to bring about the most proficient solution for our domestic conveyancing clients whatever their experience in the property market. We are members of the Quality Conveyancing Scheme endorsed by the Law society as a quality standard. It is important to us that we take the time to liaise with all the parties involved in the transaction e.g. estate agents, lenders, financial advisors or other solicitors. The purpose of our conveyancing team is to make your transaction flow as flawlessly and smoothly as possible. We aim to give a quality service at competitive rates.

Our Local solicitors are experienced!

If you chose our local, established, specialist firm of solicitors, you know we will have had years of combined experience in dealing with any legal matters in our local area: we understand the market and we will understand and have had dealings with all the local estate agents. To have specialised ‘local’ knowledge is invaluable and is something you’ll never be able to get from a general internet conveyancer, no matter how good or highly qualified he or she might be.

Face to face communication verses online communication?

Any business dealings or transactions can be plagued with difficulties: and conveyance is no different! In fact, it can be intrinsically complicated at times. If you come across complications or unforeseen problems, you, as a buyer/seller, will want to be kept informed of these hurdles at every stage of the purchase process. Therefore, building that rapport with your local specialist solicitor whom you feel comfortable with: someone who speaks plainly and honestly, someone you can trust to keep their promises, and most importantly, someone who you can speak to face to face and who will regularly keep in touch, return phone calls and provide a fast and efficient service. Harold stock &Co have a lot of time-honoured returning clientele who stay with us because of our professional service.

At Harold Stock & Co we assure you that the price quoted will be correct and will take into account the costs of local searches, Land Registry fees and other disbursements. With us what you see is what you get, and that’s why it pays to think local.

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