The Legal Services Board Recommends That Consumers Should Only Use The Services Of Registered And Reputable Will Writing And Estate Administration Firms.

If you’re currently considering writing your Will, who would you say is in the best position to provide a professional well-drafted and accurate Will and a complete and comprehensive estate administration service?

The answer is, of course, a solicitor. Now you might think that we would say that, wouldn’t we? That’s one of a number of professional services Harold Stock & Co Solicitors provides, after all. But the advice to use an experienced professional solicitor doesn’t come from us: it comes from the Legal Services Board (LSB), the body which oversees the regulation of lawyers in England and Wales. If the LSB advises only using a regulated professional to draw up your Will, who are we to argue?

So why does the LSB advise that consumers only use the services of regulated firms offering Will writing and estate administration services?

The answer is that it believes there are far too many fraudulent firms exploiting loopholes in the sector and offering badly drafted Wills and a substandard service. The LSB carried out extensive research into the subject and found systemic problems with the current levels of service delivered by many different types of provider. During its investigations, it found that the service delivered by firms in the sector was systematically poor, sloppy, and dogged by simple procedural errors. Customers were subjected to unfair and pushy sales practices, while some had simply stolen property.

However, the LSB stopped short of recommending the Law Society’s proposal that only qualified and registered solicitors should be allowed to practice in the will-writing and estate administration sector. It argued that such a decision would limit consumer choice, and therefore recommended that specialist will writing firms should be able to operate alongside solicitors, but only if they are registered.

Making a Will: why choose Harold Stock & Co Solicitors?

That’s a simple question to answer. We are a respected legal firm with a proven record of delivering a complete and professional Wills, estate administration and Probate service. All of Harold Stock & Co’s solicitors are fully qualified and work under strict guidelines, regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

The greatest advantage of using one of Harold Stock & Co Solicitors to draw up your Will is the peace of mind it will bring you and your family. It’s a great comfort to know that our solicitors will construct your Will in precisely the way you want and ensure that all of your wishes are carried out following your death. Our solicitors will ensure that no technical mistakes are made, and that there will also be no inadvertent potential disputes stored up for the future.

Making a Will is one of the most important things you will ever do, so it’s better for all concerned if you consult an expert. A properly constructed Will guarantees that your loved ones are looked after and cared for in the way you would want and expect. Wouldn’t your family’s future be safer in the hands of a qualified, experienced and regulated solicitor who fully understands the complexities of inheritance law?

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