Corporate and Social Responsibility

Harold Stock and Co. Solicitors pride ourselves on being an integral part of the local community.

Our Corporate and Social Responsibility is very important to us and is reviewed by the Directors on an annual basis.


Here at Harold Stock and Co Solicitors, we are committed to behaving responsibly and to contributing toward minimising our impact on the environment.

In considering the environment, we are committed:

  • To minimise our consumption of natural resources and manages waste through responsible disposal and the reuse and recycling, including paper and ink cartridges;
  • To minimise our use of electricity by ensuring all electrical equipment is turned off when not in use;

The Local Community

Wherever possible, we use local businesses to provide services such as catering, cleaning, supplies, etc.

We are members of Fairtrade Mossley 

Harold Stock and Co. Solicitors support local schools and universities by offering several work placements a year to students looking to gain work experience.

Road Safety Week

In November 2018, we took part in a Virtual Cycle as part of Brake‘s Bike Aware Campaign for Road Safety Week. 

In November 2013, a part of the Road Safety Week, we supplied high visibility vests to local school, St George’s Primary School to be used on school outings. We also supplied vests to the local Scout group in Stockport.

Futures Event – Mossley Hollins High School

Every year since 2014, former pupils, Kirsty Dunn, Legal Executive and Alex Newman, Practice Manager, have been back to school to take part in the Futures Event at Mossley Hollins High School. Stuart Marshall, Deputy Head teacher said of this event: “Futures event is a fantastic opportunity for the young people at Mossley Hollins to really start to think about their futures as they approach the final year at school and begin to apply for work, college or training. The mock interview gives them a real life experience of sitting face to face with an adult other than their teacher and is a really effective way to practise and hone their interview techniques. The feedback they receive following the interviews is used in lessons to evaluate their performance and make action plans to improve further.

We are greatly indebted to all our friends from the local business community for their involvement in the event. Their knowledge and skills are invaluable in providing a worthwhile experience for our learners. Thank you so much to all involved and we look forward to working with you in the future.”