Employment Law

Harold Stock & Co Solicitors provide expert advice on all aspects of employment law from both an employee’s and employer’s perspective. We manage our employment law cases effectively through to conclusion whether by mediation or representation at the Employment Tribunal.

Individuals and commercial organisations will, at some stage, find themselves needing employment advice. Consider the following:-

  • Do you feel that you have been dismissed unfairly?
  • Are you being made redundant?
  • Are you an employer and thinking of making redundancies?
  • Are you an employer and thinking of dismissing an employee?
  • Do you consider that you have been unfairly treated at work?
  • Do you feel bullied or harassed in the workplace?
  • Do you need contracts of employment for your employees?
  • Have you been handed a compromise agreement and require advice upon the document and its terms?
  • Do you know your paternity/maternity rights?
  • Is your employer selling the business and do you want to know where you stand?

In each case we will provide plain-English and realistic employment law advice at the outset as to the prospects of your success. We assess the merits of each particular case at an early stage and provide advice as to the likely outcome and legal costs involved.

In cases where we assess your prospects of success as high, we may be able to offer to conduct your case on a contingency fee basis.

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