Regardless of your age, you should consider having a will professionally drawn. A surprisingly high number of people die without leaving a will which can cause enormous problems for the family of the deceased.

The issue of your will is by its very nature, a solemn topic. Read our factsheet – What happens if you die before making a will? for further information. 

Often people shy away from the issue of preparing a will and in a lot of cases simply never get around to doing so. If you want peace of mind in the knowledge that your partner/spouse, family, friends and charities will receive what you intend them to receive upon your death then you should make an appointment to meet with a member of our wills and probate team. We can then draft your will to meet your needs.

Not only does the issue of who is to inherit need to be addressed but careful inheritance tax planning is also vital. Our team can advise on all of these issues.

It is also important to review your will as your circumstances change. For example: the birth of a child, when your financial circumstances change or when you get married/divorced or enter into a Civil Partnership. For further information please read our factsheet – Marriage, Divorce and Civil partnership 

CertaintyWe are members of Certainty – The National Will Register and if you choose to write your will with us, we can register it for you with Certainty. 

Should you wish to make an appointment with one of our Solicitors to discuss your Will, please use our contact form on this page or contact one of the team directly. Appointments can be made at our Mossley, Failsworth or Stockport offices. Home visits are also available.

Client Testimonials

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Very professional and understanding

Very professional, understanding and caring at a very difficult time. Many thanks  

July 4, 2019

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