Mr John Akinwunmi, Kent.

I have used the legal service of Harold Stock & Co Solicitors twice within the last five years.

After my first contact with Harold Stock & Co Solicitors an unbearable weight was taken off my shoulders. This is because I have heard a lot of negative stories about many of the “No Win No Fee” solicitors. My first contact with the firm was 2008 after I suffered an industrial related injury at my place of work. I cannot say enough about the absolute efficiency and professionalism that they illustrated throughout the entire process. In no time at all, all my worries had been dissolved.

In 2012 I suffered a road traffic accident, and because of the trust, confidence and the relationship I enjoyed during my first experience with Harold Stock & Co Solicitors, I didn’t think twice before I made the call, even though my insurance company had arranged for their solicitors to take charge of my case.

I recommend this company to anyone in my situation and this is because they will listen to you and get you the best help you need through their medical team in order to get you back to your original position before your accident, and the legal team will also try as much as possible and make sure that you’re well compensated at the end of your case. This is my experience, I would recommend anyone to see for themselves.

Mr John Akinwunmi,
Gillingham, Kent.

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